Sun FX® Spray Tanning

How Do I Prepare For Tanning?

Prior to receiving your SunFX spray-on tan it is recommended that you cleanse and exfoliate your entire body with a body scrub, body polish or loofah.

It’s important when exfoliating that you pay particular attention to rough skin areas like knees, ankles, heels and the tops of your feet as dry areas tend to absorb tanning solution faster, which can result in an uneven looking tan. Exfoliating prior to receiving your spray tan will help to eliminate the top layers of dry and dead skin. While exfoliating makes sure not to use any oils, lotions, sprays or sun block before the tanning application. Any of these products will keep the tanning solution from absorbing properly.

It is also best to shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to receiving your spray tan if possible.


Is SunFX® Solution Safe?

100% Natural. SunFX® solutions are regarded as some of the finest in the world. The unique combination of natural bronzers, highly purified water (aqua) and the approved cosmetic tanning agent DHA produce a truly remarkable tanning result. Contains no alcohol, oils, perfumes, parabens or artificial preservatives.


What Should I Wear to Tanning?

Swimsuit, bikini or nothing at all. Drying time is minimal. Typically SunFX® tanning solutions will not stain clothing, and any rub off will wash out easily. However, staining has been known to occur on some lighter leathers, acrylic or other sensitive fabrics, so these should be avoided.


How Good Are The Results?

SunFX® spray tans create a beautifully natural looking tan on virtually all skin types. SunFX® spray tans typically produce results far superior to sun and/or solarium exposure. It can be almost impossible to tell a SunFX® tan from a natural tan.


What Should I Avoid Doing After Tanning?

The spray tan will continue to develop for 2-3 hours after application. For best results, avoid the following activities for at least 5 hours after you receive your spray on tan: Water, Hot Tubs, Spa, Physical Exercise, Sweating, Swimming, Tight Fitting Clothing and Excessive Towel Rubbing- So pat dry only!


How Long Does It Take?

Incredibly fast is the only way to describe it. On average a full body spray tan will take no longer than 5 minutes, including drying time.


How Long Will My SunFX® Spray Tan Last?

Results can vary and will depend upon the individual and the activities they undertake. Most people can expect their SunFX® tan to last from 5 to 7 days. Other factors include your skin type and how well you did your pre-tan prep. Some people still have a healthy, natural looking tan for up to 10 days after application! The life of the tan can be greatly extended by the use of the unique SunFX® Tan Extender Products.


Is A Sunscreen Recommended?

SunFX® tanning solutions do not provide any useful protection against harmful UV rays. It is recommend to apply an approved SPF 30+ sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, with additional applications every 30 minutes or so, depending on your level of activity.


What If I’m Pregnant? Should I Tan?

Although SunFX® tanning solutions are 100% all natural, it is not recommend that pregnant women use SunFX®. It’s better to be safe than sorry.