How Do I Find An Experienced Stylist?

Do some research on the salon and the stylist. The internet is a great tool for finding out if there is any history behind the salon or the stylist and there might be previous clients who have posted information. Try to find out if there are any referrals and how many years of experience the stylist has if possible. Another approach is to simply walk in or call the salon and ask as many questions you need to until you are 100% satisfied with your choice. Going to the salon should be a fun, rewarding and relaxing experience. If you do not feel comfortable, appreciated or welcome whether on the phone or in person, then try another stylist or salon.

How Long Will My Extensions Last?

Most commonly (Fusion) will last up to 5 months and clients with fine hair I suggest wearing only 3 months. This all depends upon whether your hair tends to tangle easily or not. Tape Extensions and Micro Beads need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks, the hair is reusable for about 8 months.

Do Extensions Cause Breakage to the Hair?

Yes. Some breakage is always caused to the hair with any extension process. Most breakage occurs from not taking proper care of the hair. Breakage can also occur depending upon the strength of your hair when beginning the extension process and in the removal of the extensions. This is why you want an experienced stylist when it comes to doing your extensions. Extensions are not recommended if you hair is naturally weak. The removal process is as slow and tedious as the application to ensure minimal breakage. Once again, some breakage is always caused to the hair with any extension process.

How Are the Extensions Attached?
Clip In, Fusion, Micro-Bead, Tape or Sew-In?

Clip-In Extensions attach with a clip-in action and are removable each day. In a Fusion Method, there is a keratin-based attachment which is fused to your hair about 1/4 inch from the scalp. A Micro-Bead style of extension attaches human hair to yours using a small metal attachment. There is a Tape extension method which is a sandwich process which works by placing your hair between two tape extensions. There is also a Sew-In method which requires a braid and sew technique which is usually best for ethnic hair types.

For Tape and Micro-Bead extensions, you need to have them moved up every 6-8 weeks while the Fusion and Sew-In extensions should be replaced about every 3 months.

Can Extensions Make My Hair Stronger?

No. However, many stylists and websites might tell you that it makes your hair stronger and thicker. This simply is not true. Your hair will appear thicker because you are adding more hair to your density. If your hair is weak, it will not become stronger simply by adding extensions. Extensions are not, in any way, a strengthening technique such as a deep conditioner or protein treatment. These are the only two things that can make your hair stronger. To have stronger hair, you need to be careful with any coloring, bleaching or highlighting process that is applied to the hair. You must also make sure a deep conditioning treatment is applied on a regular basis if you have over processed hair. This is the only way to strengthen your hair.


Can Extensions Be Applied to Bleached or Double Processed Hair?

Absolutely not! I do not recommend adding extensions to this type of hair since bleaching or bleach and tone typically weakens the hair to such a degree that it cannot support the attachment site of any type of extension. Extreme breakage will occur.


What If My Existing Extensions Look Bad?
Can They Be Fixed or Salvaged?

The best thing to do is to make a consultation appointment with a stylist who is experienced in extension applications to see if they can be fixed. Most of the time, it may be as easy as getting a hair cut. Cutting extensions requires a great deal of practise and expertise. An inexperienced stylist may find it very difficult to cut the extensions so that a natural look is achieved rather then a noticable line of demarkation.


Which Extension Application Method is Best for Me?

It really is a personal choice. All four methods are great ways to attach extensions depending upon your hair type.